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During my professional career as a social media marketing manager and web designer, I learned the strategies to grow an online presence and have built a vast network of followers. I leveraged this network along with my creative skills to also start my own online sunglass and swimwear line.

My passion for photography and design goes back to my pre-professional days. From high school dark room and studio photography classes, to freelance modeling and graphic design work, I have experience on both sides of the camera and have been in the creative space since 2006. I love creating anything aesthetic that inspires, empowers, and evokes emotion.

My aesthetic vision has earned me opportunities to design UI for multiple successful mobile apps, create branding, packaging, product lines, content and marketing for various companies.

While building my accessory brand may have looked glamorous from the outside, starting a business alone at the age of 25 with no resources, guidance or community, was a lonely and challenging journey and I was desperate to connect with other entrepreneurs. I believe in community over competition and wanted to create a space for like minded females.

I quickly realized the power of social media when I exceeded my expectations of sales during my first year in business, with the majority of orders coming from organic Instagram & Pinterest traffic.
So in 2017, I created Boss Girls Society, focused on connecting female entrepreneurs and creatives by offering design services, an online community and sharing tips and tools to build, launch and scale their own empires.

When I’m not designing, you can find me sipping a matcha latte any time of day, binge watching a psychological thriller, trying to beat my latest Peloton score, going for a walk with my fiancé and our pups, or checking out a new restaurant with some girlfriends.

Everyone is at a different stage in what they are trying to achieve and we all have our own set of unique talents, but if we come together with the things we have in common, we can create something really great, together.

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"be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

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