Mindset & Wellness Habits Of Beauty & Fashion Model Asalia Yusupova

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Jordyn Witko
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As a creative entrepreneur, I know first hand how lonely and challenging starting a business can be with minimal resources, guidance and community. I was desperate to connect with like-minded females, and discover time-saving productivity hacks, and mindset / routine tips of other successful business owners, so I created Boss Girls Society, focused on sharing proven tips, tools and templates to help you build, launch and scale your own empire, along with a free online community.


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Girl Boss Feature: Asalia Yusupova

We interviewed Asalia Yusupova to get a behind the scenes look at her life as an LA based beauty model and influencer. Asalia has a background in the world of all things beauty and fashion; she has walked NYFW and graced the pages, websites and billboards of prestigious brands. In a world that can easily sweep one into its whirlwind of facades, Asalia keeps it real with her passion for staying grounded in nature along with her wellness habits. Read how she maintains a work-life balance by prioritizing her wellness, and taking care of her physical and mental well-being.

What does your morning routine look like?

“Quiet, I love waking up with the sun and spending my mornings in silence. I wake up and do my morning skin/ hair routine. Then I usually run through a feminine yoga flow before I check my phone and emails.”

How do you wind down at the end of your day?

“I like to just get comfy on my couch with my dog, Bambi and just throw something on the tv, write in my journal, play music, or pick up a paint brush.”

Your IG travel pics are so aesthetic and it looks like you spend a healthy amount of time out in nature. Have you noticed that your time spent traveling and being outside has positively affected your overall mood and energy levels?

“Yes totally. I’m the most grounded and at peace when I’m connecting with nature. I think nature is something we can’t forget to give our attention to.”

Do you have boundaries for the amount of time you spend your phone / social media? If so what are your best habits or tips?

“The only rule I really follow is to not look at my phone right when I wake up. I feel like it really throws off my nervous system when I start my day in my instagram dm’s or emails. So I try to wait a few hours and spend some time with myself before engaging with the rest of the world.”

What are some of your favorite self care habits and wellness practices that have the biggest impact on how you feel?

“Alone time. There’s nothing I find more healing than just spending time alone. Life can get busy and the pressure to balance my friends, my work, my family, my passions and my partner can overwhelm me at times. I really cherish the time I get with myself. I’ve also been journaling since I was in high school and I’ve found it extremely helpful in every avenue of my life. It’s my therapy, my creative outlet, my way to blow off some steam, or really collect my thoughts before speaking them out loud.”

How do you get motivated on days when you don’t feel your best?

“I just remind myself that I’m struggling, I’m not failing. ♡ “

“I’ll also try to go on a walk or spend some time outdoors to get my energy back.”

You’ve been the face of some major beauty brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Saie Beauty, Vegamour, Anatasia Beverly Hills & many more. What does your day look like behind the scenes when you’re shooting and what are some of your wellness and beauty tips to make sure your skin and body looks its best?

“Day to day is always different on set. Depending on what I’m shooting. If it’s beauty, it’s usually at a studio. If it’s a campaign for fashion clothing, it’s usually at a location. If it’s fitness, it’s usually outdoors. The days usually start out in hair and makeup, some tests to make sure lighting and makeup looks good. Then we get to work until lunch. We break, finish off all the looks and wrap. Some days are chiller than others and you can really mingle with the team. I’ll take advantage of free time to read a book or catch up on emails.

To prevent bloating, I maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink, I don’t eat junk food & I do yoga/ pilates a few times a week. I’ve found that a day of nothing can really change the way I look. So what you see is what you get.”

Do you think having a social media presence is helpful in getting discovered and booking gigs?

“Absolutely, it’s a totally different ball game nowadays. A lot of my clients have found me through my Instagram. So my Instagram has really turned into my portfolio/ modeling book.”

What’s something you wish you would have known before becoming a model and social media influencer?

“I wish I had resources that helped me not be so discouraged in the beginning. It can be really discouraging going to castings and not booking any jobs. It’s really easy to want to give up or take things personally. Like all things, this industry works in waves so I could be working everyday for two weeks and then it can go radio silent for two weeks. I wish somebody told me this was normal in the beginning for everybody. Even the most famous models have slow weeks. Doesn’t matter who you are.”

We are so inspired by Asalia’s wellness and beauty tips and hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look of her life too! You can follow Asalia here: Instagram: @asaliayusupova TikTok: @asaliayusupova

♡ Boss Girl Feature Series

Each month we will feature successful boss girls, with a behind the scenes look into their life, and tips on their mindset and wellness habits that helped get them to where they are. I hope each interview will give you the tips, guidance and inspiration you need to dream big, never give up on your goals, and build your own empire. I believe in community over competition and I hope you find value in this series.

xx, Jordyn + Mandana

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