How I Enhance My Mood & Productivity In Just 30 Mins a Day

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Jordyn Witko
 author / founder / CEO

As a creative entrepreneur, I know first hand how lonely and challenging starting a business can be with minimal resources, guidance and community. I was desperate to connect with like-minded females, and discover time-saving productivity hacks, and mindset / routine tips of other successful business owners, so I created Boss Girls Society, focused on sharing proven tips, tools and templates to help you build, launch and scale your own empire, along with a free online community.


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Beginning my day in silence with a walk has improved my overall quality of life. I wasn’t always a morning person, but now my morning walk with my pup Lola is something I look forward to every day because of the way it makes me feel and the immediate benefits in my everyday life. I typically walk for about 30 minutes as soon as I get up in the morning. Peep my exact morning routine for a productive day.

Just get up and go, trust me!

In the morning, I like to look over my to-do list and plan my day (the planner I use), so I have a clear direction of the priority tasks that I need to complete. Getting a walk in before sitting down to map out my day or do any kind of work helps me think clearly about my goals without any distractions. I do my most creative thinking during this time and have noticed I have a lot of ideas that really motivate me to start my day.

♡ Boosts creativity & problem-solving

When your mind is free of distractions your frontal lobe (the focused thinking part) gets a break, allowing more creative parts to freely wander and explore new ideas without the rational frontal lobe getting in the way. There’s a technical term for it: “Transient Hypofrontality”.

♡ More mental clarity and Focus

I noticed that throughout day I’m less scatterbrained and distracted and am able to maintain focus on my tasks better.

♡ Better Stress management

I don’t feel anxious or overwhelmed like I sometimes do if I have a lot on my to-do list. At first I was convinced my Nespresso was too strong and giving me anxiety, but after walking and getting some stress out, I find that when challenges arise in work or life, they seem to just roll off the shoulders better.

♡ More Energy

I swear I’d normally hit a wall at around 2pm, but moving first thing in the morning has increased my overall energy and I feel motivated to check off my tasks and do all the things I love during the day. I’m able to work for longer and remain productive until the end of the day.

♡ Better Memory

When I spend time walking without my phone, it forces me to actually use my brain to remember things because I don’t have my phone to rely on to write every thought down.

♡ Improved mood throughout the day

I used to always listen to a podcast or music during my walks, but I noticed that if the vibe of the song or podcast was not relaxing or motivating, those outside influences would really have a negative affect on my mood. Your mind is so vulnerable when you wake up, so I choose to spend that part of my day in peace being mindful so I have the right mindset to get through the rest of my day.

I hope this inspires you to incorporate walking into your everyday– I promise you will notice an improvement in how you feel!

xx, Jordyn

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