Top Morning Routine Tips for a Productive Day

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Jordyn Witko
 author / founder / CEO

As a creative entrepreneur, I know first hand how lonely and challenging starting a business can be with minimal resources, guidance and community. I was desperate to connect with like-minded females, and discover time-saving productivity hacks, and mindset / routine tips of other successful business owners, so I created Boss Girls Society, focused on sharing proven tips, tools and templates to help you build, launch and scale your own empire, along with a free online community.


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mandana yusupova
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The key to a good morning routine truly starts the night before, during your evening routine, with good sleep and some prep. Sticking to a daily routine is essential for a positive mood and a productive day. Here’s a roundup of my favorite, most effective tips that I personally do every morning that you can apply to your everyday life.

First things first… your mental health.

Make your bed. Crossing this quick chore off first thing makes you feel accomplished, plus a clear space = a clear mind.

Open the blinds. Brighten your space with some morning light as soon as possible- it has a powerful effect on your circadian rhythm.

Wash your face with freezing cold water to shock your system into waking up. (And do your skincare, especially Vitamin C and SPF). My current skincare & beauty faves.

Put on a cute workout outfit so you are inspired to get moving. My fitness must haves.

Hydrate. You lose a lot of water while you sleep and drinking water right when you wake up will decrease cravings, flush toxins from the body, improve your digestion, increase energy, immunity and your metabolism, as well as prevent headaches. Bonus: drinking water on an empty stomach helps retain your skin’s elasticity, prevents wrinkles, gives your skin more of a radiant glow throughout the day, and reduces cellulite!

Eliminate distractions. I turn on DND the night before and avoid picking up my phone the next morning until after I’ve planned my day and my workout is complete. Putting myself first ensures that I stay focused on my personal priorities before tending to anyone else’s to do list, that includes checking your inbox! Avoiding all tech for the first 1-2 hrs in the morning has helped my focus and energy and prevents me from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about not having enough time for myself. Stress is the biggest productivity killer and if you start your morning with everyone else’s to-do list, then you’re setting yourself up for burnout.

Eat a healthy breakfast to fuel you through your workout. It also sets the tone for your cravings the rest of the day. Save time and energy figuring out what to eat and prep your breakfast the night before.

Movement + sunshine. Walking or working out for just 30 mins first thing in the morning wakes your body up and I’ve found that it provides a lot of mental clarity for me. It makes me feel accomplished before I dive into any tasks that require sitting for a long period of time. Being outside in the sun is a huge mood boost. I personally like to walk in silence over listening to something, so I can use that time to really think. I do my most creative thinking in the morning and I’m able to brainstorm priorities and ideas for the day without the distraction of screens or being influenced by anything else. Being mindful = clarity and calmness. I also notice benefits for my brain, like being able to remember things better, because I’m not relying on writing every thought down in my phone. There are so many benefits of walking.

Plan your day and set clear goals so you know your priorities and exactly what you need to tackle for the day to make the most of your time. Check out my aesthetic printable planner that I created for busy entrepreneurs like you. When designing this planner, I not only included space for your priority tasks, but I kept your daily lifestyle in mind and added other useful sections like a habit tracker, important events, chores and errands list, a daily mindset quote, goals, and a place to keep track of your workouts, what you plan to read, learn and listen to each day! I like to habit stack and write out my priority tasks for the day while I drink my morning matcha or coffee, which I look forward to every day after my walk, *it’s like a reward*

Be mindful about everything you do, think of your greater purpose and goals.

Focus on completing your most important task first.

The breakdown

Find what works best for you.

Everyone is different and what works well for one person, may not work best for someone else. Write out what would make you feel your best and get the most done and experiment with your morning routine until it’s refined to your life and goals.

Set up your optimal workspace environment.

It should ideally be clutter free, inspiring and prepped with everything you need to get sh*t done. My must have office essentials.

Be consistent. 

Try to structure your mornings so that you do the same things every day, even on weekends.

Be flexible and schedule off days. 

Sometimes life happens and obviously every day is not going to be exactly the same. Prepare for some alternate scenarios so you can still be productive and make the most of the unexpected on days when you have to switch up your routine. The most successful people have empty days in their calendar, so that’s your sign to also schedule days where you have no commitments to allow for a mental break or to catch up things you didn’t get done earlier in the week.

I hope these productivity tips are inspiring and easy to apply to your everyday life!

xx, Jordyn

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